Local “falling into the sea” on California Highway 1

Part of the famous landscape highway in the United States, California Highway 1, was destroyed by debris flow, and part of the road fell into the sea.

California Transportation Bureau said in a statement on January 29 that the accident occurred 24 kilometers south of the great sur section of California Highway 1. In winter, the storm and heavy rainfall caused local mountain collapses, debris flow impacted the highway, and some sections were “completely missing”.

According to CNN, the California Transportation Bureau found a debris flow on January 28 and urgently contacted a construction company to help repair it. California Highway Patrol John Jerez found that the local southbound lane had “fallen into the sea” at about 4 pm that day. California Transportation Bureau and construction company repair personnel arrived at the scene at dawn on January 29 and found that “both lanes of the highway have been washed away.”.

Photos and video taken by UAVs show that there is a huge gap in the accident section of California Highway 1 built along the cliff and traffic is interrupted. It is not clear when the repair will be completed.

California Highway No.1, from Los Angeles in the south of California to San Francisco in the north, meanders along the west coast of the United States, with beautiful scenery on the way. It is known as one of the most beautiful highways in the United States.

On May 20, 2017, a large-scale mountain debris flow occurred on the dasher section of Highway 1, about 500 meters of which was buried by more than one million tons of sand and stone. The repair cost tens of millions of dollars and took more than one year to complete. (yuan yuan) [Xinhua News Agency micro feature]

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