Four dead and 20 injured in a car bomb attack on Syria’s northern border

Damascus, January 31 (Xinhua) according to Syrian media reports on January 31, a car bomb attack occurred in northern Syria near the Turkish border on the same day, killing four people and injuring 20.

Syrian media “shamfm” reported that a car with explosives was detonated in the northern city of azaz in Aleppo Province, causing casualties, including a child.

According to the UK based “Syrian Human Rights Watch” news, the explosion occurred near the cultural center of azaz City, the injured have been sent to the hospital for treatment.

At present, no organization or individual has claimed to have made the attack.

Azaz is less than 10 kilometers away from the Turkish border and is strategically important. After the outbreak of the civil war in Syria, the rebel forces and the extremist organization “Islamic state” successively seized the city. The “Islamic state” forces withdrew from azaz in 2014. At present, the city is controlled by the Turkish army and its supported Syrian opposition forces.

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