The change of leadership of CDU is a step towards the post Merkel era in Germany

Foreign media said that Germany took the first step toward a new political era on the 16th by electing the next leader of Merkel’s conservative party before the autumn election. The autumn election will decide who will succeed Merkel as German Chancellor.

According to the New York Times website on January 16, in normal times, Merkel’s long-term ally, newly elected president of the Christian Democratic Union, Amin & middot; Raschet, will almost certainly succeed Merkel as the premier of the most powerful country in Europe.

But these are not normal times.

According to the report, the German political arena is about to usher in an important year. For more than 15 years, Merkel has been a major political force in Germany and a symbol of stability. She is regarded as the leader of Germany and even Europe, leading the European continent through a series of crises. Under her leadership, Germany rose for the first time since World War II to become a leading political and economic power in Europe.

It turns out that it is not easy to find a suitable successor for a prime minister who is known as the guardian of the western free order. The first attempt a year ago ended in failure because Merkel’s chosen successor was shrouded in her aura and finally decided to give up running for prime minister.

The report points out that at a time when democracy in the United States is extremely fragile, many people at home and abroad in Germany are waiting for Merkel to leave office with fear.

Andrea & middot; lemeller, Dean of herty School of management in Berlin, said: “Merkel doctrine has always been the antidote to trumpism. With both Merkel and trump leaving office this year, the biggest question is: whose political legacy will win? ”


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