Chinese students in Ukraine hold “cloud Spring Festival Gala”

Kiev, January 31 (Xinhua) Chinese students in Ukraine and students of Ningxia Institute of technology jointly held a unique “cloud Spring Festival Gala” on January 30, adding a unique cultural feast to the upcoming Spring Festival.

The “cloud Spring Festival Gala” was hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine, and co sponsored by the Ukrainian Chinese Students Association and the Ukrainian Chinese Students Art Troupe. Chinese ambassador to Ukraine fan Xianrong extended new year’s greetings to Chinese teachers, volunteers and students working in Ukraine through video link.

Fan Xianrong said that in the past year, COVID-19 failed to obstruct the steady development of Sino Ukraine relations. One belt, one road, was built in Uzbekistan and the two countries were developing in an opposite direction. All of these fully demonstrate the great toughness and potential of Sino Ukraine cooperation.

Fan Xianrong said that in the past year, students in Urumqi and Liuzhou united to fight against the epidemic, and there was no case of clustering infection with new coronavirus. He encouraged the teachers and students in Uzbekistan to continue to carry forward the fine tradition of helping the poor in times of crisis and keeping watch and helping each other, do a good job in epidemic prevention, train their excellent skills, and contribute to the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the development of China Uzbekistan relations.

At the “cloud Spring Festival Gala”, 10 performances were performed, including dance “spring flowers bloom”, musical instrument ensemble “fishing boat singing evening”, anti epidemic songs and songs “my motherland”, expressing the students’ good wishes for the motherland and their firm confidence in realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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