Three kinds of mutated viruses spread to 77 countries and regions. Should the United States adjust its vaccine strategy?

Beijing, February 1 (Xinhua) comprehensive report, according to the data of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 6:22 on February 1, Beijing time, the total number of new crown confirmed cases in the world exceeded 102 million, and more than 2.22 million people died of new crown. At present, the three new coronavirus variants have spread to 77 countries and regions around the world; there is a dispute between the UK and the EU on vaccine supply, and US experts suggest adjusting vaccination strategy.

Three kinds of mutated viruses spread to 77 countries and regions. Should the United States adjust its vaccine strategy?

People wearing masks walk on the streets of Manhattan, New York, January 26 local time. Photo by China News Agency reporter Liao pan

The three mutated viruses have spread to 77 countries and regions

Another U.S. state reports a mutant virus found in South Africa

According to surveys conducted by British universities and others, the three mutant new coronaviruses found in the UK, South Africa and Brazil have spread to at least 77 countries and regions around the world. At present, the effect of the existing vaccines on the mutated virus is not clear. Even if the vaccine is inoculated, it may not be able to prevent the increase of dead and critically ill patients. Countries are stepping up preparations to develop new vaccines to cope with the mutated virus.

It is reported that the mutated new coronavirus found in the UK has spread to about 70 countries and regions; the mutated virus found in South Africa has spread to about 30 countries and regions; the virus found in Brazil has been found in 8 countries and regions.

According to analysis, these three viruses are due to the virus infection when the human body plays an important role in the “spike protein” mutation, leading to increased infectious. The infectivity of the virus found in South Africa is 1.5 times that of the previous new coronavirus, and the virus found in the UK is up to 1.7 times. The virus found in Brazil has been reinfected.

Japan’s National Institute of infectious diseases and others revealed that the existing vaccine is said to be effective for the virus found in the UK, but it has not yet confirmed whether it is effective for the virus found in South Africa and Brazil. For the sake of prudence, vaccine manufacturers should be prepared for improvement. AstraZeneca said it has started to improve the virus found in South Africa.

Currently, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in the United States in 26 million 170 thousand cases and the number of deaths exceeds 440 thousand. The United States, which has the largest number of infected people in the world, has also found three mutant new coronaviruses. In South Carolina, Maryland announced on January 30 local time that it was the first time in the state to be infected with the mutated new coronavirus found in South Africa, and it was presumed that community transmission had occurred. Contact tracking is in progress.

Wallensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has previously said that the mutated new coronavirus found in South Africa has begun to spread in American communities.

Three kinds of mutated viruses spread to 77 countries and regions. Should the United States adjust its vaccine strategy?

Nurses vaccinate an 82 year old man with the new crown vaccine at the rocky health center in Dundee, Scotland, on January 4.

US experts say vaccine strategy should be adjusted immediately

Britain and Europe dispute over vaccine supply

On January 31 local time, Michael osteholm, an epidemiologist who has provided advice to US President Biden’s transition team, warned that a new wave of infection is coming, and the United States should adjust its vaccination strategy to save more lives.

Ostholm said that before the number of cases of mutated virus found in other countries surges in the United States, the government should try to vaccinate as many people as possible with the first dose of vaccine, especially those over the age of 65, in order to reduce severe cases and deaths in the next few weeks.

He suggested delaying the second injection first. Because according to the data, people who take the second dose later may get better results.

Reported that in recent weeks, the U.S. Federal vaccine launch progress is slow. Biden had previously promised to reach the target of 100 million doses of vaccination within the first 100 days of taking office.

On the other hand, the UK and the European Union recently had a dispute over the supply and export control of new crown vaccines. Although the two sides showed confidence in resolving the dispute, the tension has not eased.

Because of the shortage of vaccine supply, British AstraZeneca was unable to deliver the vaccine to the European Union on time and in quantity according to the procurement contract, but it was able to fulfill the contract with the United Kingdom, which caused strong dissatisfaction of the European Union. The EU immediately launched an emergency plan to control the export of vaccines to ensure the supply of vaccines within the EU.

French Minister of European affairs Bern pointed out on January 31 local time that if the vaccine supply is affected by the production line problems, people can understand, but if the supply is insufficient due to the special preferential treatment for Britain, “it will become a problem.”.

The German government warned that it would take legal action against pharmaceutical companies that did not provide vaccines to the EU under the contract.

“The whole world is concerned, and only through international cooperation can we overcome this pandemic,” the British foreign minister said in response to the EU’s emergency plan to ban the export of vaccines produced in the EU

He also said the EU vice president assured him in a meeting that Brussels had no intention of preventing vaccine suppliers from fulfilling their contracts to supply vaccines to the UK.

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