British media: the number of protest rallies in support of trump is very few, far less than the law enforcers present

Harrisburg and Lansing, January 17 (Reuters) – there were few trump supporters gathered near the U.S. multi State Capitol, and the number of protestors was far less than that of law enforcement officers.

According to the report, after the FBI warned of the possibility of armed demonstrations, more than 10 states dispatched national guards to protect the state parliament building. Security officials see January 17 as the first major point of conflict, as the anti-government “bugalo movement” has drawn up plans for rallies in 50 states a few weeks ago.

However, as of Friday evening local time, only a small number of demonstrators had taken to the streets, far fewer than law enforcement and media personnel.

&”The scale of today’s event is far less than expected, and we are very happy about that. &”Troy Thompson, a spokesman for the General Services Administration of Pennsylvania, said.

According to reports, some militia and extremist groups warned followers not to go out. They say the authorities have stepped up security measures and that the protests could be a trap for law enforcement.

According to the report, only a few trump supporters showed up at the protest in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Alex, a 34 year old construction worker who declined to give his surname, said he believed last November’s presidential election had been stolen and wanted to show his support for trump. Later in the day, police opened the streets that had been blocked because of the expected large number of protests.

Outside the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, only a dozen people attended the protest. By Sunday evening local time, there was no one outside the building.


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