American media: Los Angeles homeless crisis continues to intensify

The Los Angeles housing and community investment department in Los Angeles, California, is facing a fiscal deficit of $675 million, local media reported Monday The Department, which still costs $55 million and employs about 737 employees in 2020, is mainly responsible for managing housing laws, providing services for the homeless and helping the poor. Although the city government has paid a lot of money to deal with the local housing crisis, the number of homeless people in Los Angeles is still increasing.

American media: Los Angeles homeless crisis continues to intensify

Previously, local residents voted in 2016 and agreed to issue $1.2 billion bonds in Los Angeles to provide 10000 new apartments for the homeless. However, due to the overspending of consulting fees and construction fees, the average cost per unit reached $559000, while the number of units actually built shrunk to 7600, which fundamentally could not meet the housing problems of the homeless. According to the city census data, in 2020. There are more than 40000 homeless people in Los Angeles, an increase of 14.2% over the same period. Los Angeles County Magistrate Thomas said that the rise in the number of homeless people in the city is rooted in the new influx of homeless people, and how to stop the influx of large numbers of homeless people is the government’s primary problem.

At the same time, the Los Angeles City Government’s inaction on the homeless policy has also been criticized by the public. Rushmore, former Secretary of housing and Community Investment Department of Los Angeles, is also criticized by the public Cervantes resigned in July last year. It is reported that his annual salary was as high as $254937 when he took office, which is higher than the $199700 salary of Ben Carson, the former US Cabinet member and US Secretary of housing and urban development. The income of four assistant secretaries of the Department also exceeded $200000. (CCTV reporter Xu Xiao)

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