Combing the four directions of education reform and returning to the original intention of education in Hebei Province

(reporter) (Ji Wenfeng, Yu Yun) a storm of amendment reveals that many young people in Hong Kong are not aware of the rule of law and do not have the concept of a country. It is incumbent upon them to lack education for a long time. The chief executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, said frankly that the problems of the young generation in Hong Kong are due to the “politicization” of education in Hong Kong. In recent months, the SAR government has finally started to take action, starting from the General Studies Department, and is determined to reform education Returning to education also hopes to put students’ learning back on the right track. In response to various current educational problems, the Hong Kong Wen Wei Po has sorted out four major directions of education reform, so that readers can have a clear understanding of the necessity and importance of the reform, and thus predict the future development direction of education in Hong Kong.

Combing the four directions of education reform and returning to the original intention of education in Hebei Province Education Bureau will strengthen the education of constitution, basic law and patriotism in Hong Kong. The picture shows the flag raising ceremony held by middle school students

Cultivating positive value theory and recognizing the rule of law

A large number of young people in Hong Kong were arrested for violating the law during the amendment storm. Some of them even openly advocated “Hong Kong Independence” because they were incited by slogans such as “breaking the law to achieve justice” and “violent struggle”, and became pawns to incite “independence” to indulge in violence. The incident made the education sector reflect that since the return of China, junior and middle school students did not study Chinese history, and the society once resisted the inclusion of “national education” in the curriculum The “modern China” unit in the general education curriculum has been used as a tool to discredit Hong Kong’s constitution, basic law education and patriotic education. All these have contributed to the “rootless generation”.

Therefore, since this academic year, the Education Bureau has redefined the subject of Chinese history as a compulsory subject in junior high school to enhance students’ understanding of Chinese history and culture. The Bureau has also repeatedly indicated that it will carry out national security education and strengthen the education of the national constitution and basic law to help students correctly understand the legislative background, information, importance and significance of Hong Kong’s national security law, so that students can understand and respect the national anthem The importance of national security and abiding by the law, so as to cultivate students to become good citizens with national concept, respect for the rule of law and abide by the law, and jointly safeguard national security.

At the same time, the general education reform of senior high school clearly points out that it attaches importance to cultivating students’ positive values, positive attitude and national identity, learning national development, constitution, basic law and rule of law. The general education reform of senior high school will also provide opportunities for students to study in the mainland, so that they can understand the national conditions and development of the country. Such opportunities will enable students to experience what they have learned in class and deepen their understanding of the country And increase the sense of belonging to the country.

Combing the four directions of education reform and returning to the original intention of education in Hebei Province general education course is becoming more and more alienated and becomes a powerful tool for brainwashing. The picture shows a general education textbook. Materials and pictures

Examination and evaluation of course transfer by deleting alienated contents

Since the introduction of the general studies in senior high schools, there have been many controversies, such as the complexity of the curriculum, the lack of specific knowledge and the great pressure on teachers and students. With the increasing politicization of Hong Kong society, the general studies have become more alienated and become a brainwashing tool of “teacher Huang”. In 2013, the Chinese education association produced the so-called “Zhanzhong” general education “textbook, which was also consulted and reviewed by Dai Yaoting In general education, there is no textbook review, which opens a convenient door for Huang Shi who has ulterior motives. He uses slogans such as “care about current affairs and politics” to carry out political propaganda and instill biased and even violent illegal thoughts.

In 2019, Dong Chee Hwa, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and former chief executive, pointed out that the implementation of general education during his term of office was an important factor causing “problems” among young people. He described the “failure” of general education as needing to be changed. Up to last year, the task force on school curriculum review and the United Hong Kong Foundation report also agreed that general education must be reformed to help put students’ learning right.

In November last year, the policy address and the Education Bureau finally implemented a substantial reform of the general studies, revised and simplified the curriculum according to the original curriculum objectives and objectives while maintaining compulsory examinations, optimized the teaching materials and assessment arrangements, etc.; the emphasis included only “pass / fail” in the diploma examination, deleted about half of the contents, cancelled independent subject studies (ies), established the submission of textbooks for examination, and provided opportunities for mainland inspection At the same time, the general education department will change its name in the future to avoid misunderstanding or bad impression caused by using the old name, hoping to help the subject return to the right track.

The wpap6023602 img college students’ Union violated the rules and held the so-called “memorial service” wantonly. Recently, it was finally sentenced by the school authorities to suspend school for half a year

To regulate the discipline and discipline of teachers and students in Universities

With the implementation of the national security law of Hong Kong, the trend of speculation has been somewhat restrained. However, the student union of Hong Kong University of science and Technology (USTC) is ready to stir up the signs of black violence again recently. The University of science and Technology (HKUST) is the first institution to impose disciplinary punishment on the members of the student union. However, the rest of the institutions have adopted the policy of turning a blind eye to black students and “shrinking”, and even some university presidents have taken the lead in “perpetrating violence” or shielding black violence There has long been a voice calling for University norms and a new look at the discipline of teachers and students.

The incident of Zhou Zile, a boy from the University of science and technology, falling from a building in Tseung Kwan O the year before last was constantly hyped by speculators. The university students’ Union (SCU) wantonly violated the rules by holding so-called “memorial service”, writing violent words on the campus road and posting “independence” propaganda. Recently, members of the SCU were finally suspended from school for half a year and became the only campus in Hong Kong that dared to hold students accountable.

As for other universities, it seems that they have no intention to put out the signs of black violence on campus. Among them, Duan Chongzhi, the president of CUHK, has been known to cover up the black violence students for several times. He once slandered the police with the rumor of “sexual assault in xinwuling” and repeatedly connived at the student union to make false remarks. During the graduation ceremony last November, some black violence elements took advantage of the graduation ceremony to advocate “Hong Kong Independence” and carry out criminal activities on campus The so-called “March” means that although the school authorities have known for a long time that the student union is going to engage in an incident, they have not actively intervened to prevent the incident from happening. In the end, only by the police entering the school to search for certificates and enforce the law can they arrest those suspected of violating the national security law of Hong Kong.

The educational circles have long been dissatisfied with such acts of the university authorities, and have urged the university authorities to set things right, establish clear codes of conduct and penalties on campus, take the initiative to prevent the spread of black violence on campus, and severely punish students and even teachers who violate discipline.

Prevent “yellow teacher” from immorality, strictly supervise and increase training

Thousands of students have been arrested because of the disturbance. It is also reflected that many teachers violate their profession, instilling biased political opinions and spreading hatred to students. However, the failure of the professional ethics council for educators and the “no king control” of school-based teaching materials have been repeatedly exposed. It can be seen that the existing mechanism is seriously inadequate in regulating immoral teachers. It is necessary to strictly supervise teachers’ ethics and increase relevant training There is no time to delay.

From June 2019 to October last year, the Education Bureau received a total of 262 complaints about teachers’ conduct, of which about 80% have completed the investigation, and 85 of them are not established. Among the established cases, 23 teachers received letters of condemnation, 13 received warning letters, 20 were persuaded, 22 received verbal warnings, and two others were cancelled teacher registration. As for the current situation, a small number of black sheep were arrested In fact, they only rely on the public to make complaints to the Education Bureau, and lack an effective mechanism to monitor teachers’ integrity, which makes many “yellow teachers” have no fear.

At the same time, the “Council of professional ethics of educational staff”, which should have been responsible for the quality of teachers, has been under the control of the Association for many years. From the public records from 2008 to 2019, it can be seen that no teacher has been found to be in breach of ethics, and even “not established” and “reconciled” have all “returned to zero”, which makes people doubt that the Council has become the association’s “mutual defense of teachers” The “puppet” of China.

In addition to strengthening supervision to ensure the quality of teachers, the Education Bureau also needs to strengthen the professional ethics training of teachers, strengthen the training of rule of law and national security education to ensure that teachers can help the next generation learn correct values.

Editor in charge: Song Deshu

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