Modi breaks the silence in response to farmers’ Protest: the Red Fort incident is an “insult” to the country

On January 31 local time, Indian Prime Minister modi broke the silence and responded to the farmers’ protest that lasted for more than two months. Modi said last week’s violence against Delhi red fort was an “insult” to the country, and the Indian government has been committed to modernizing agriculture.

According to Reuters news on the 31st, modi denounced the violent protest in a radio speech on the same day, saying: “the whole country is sorry for the insult of tricolor (Indian flag) in Delhi on January 26 The government is committed to Modernizing Agriculture and is taking many steps in this direction. “

Earlier this week, according to the summary of the government meeting, modi also told Indian opposition leaders on the 30th that the proposal to freeze the agricultural reform bill for 18 months is still valid.

Last November, India’s parliament passed three agricultural reform bills involving the purchase, sale and price of agricultural products. Modi’s government said that the new law will promote agricultural reform while empowering farmers more fully. But farmers generally believe that the new law will benefit private buyers at the expense of growers.

Once passed, the bill triggered months of protests across India. Indian farmers held a rally under the organization of different farmers’ associations to ask the government to take back the bill. The protests escalated significantly last week, marked by the violent impact of a large number of protestors on red fort on the 26th.

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