German politicians call for approval of Sino Russian new vaccine as soon as possible

Berlin, January 31 (Xinhua) Marcus Zeder, President of the German ruling party and governor of Bavaria, called on European regulators to approve new vaccines from China and Russia as soon as possible to cope with the shortage of vaccines.

Zeder said in an interview with Germany’s Le Monde a few days ago that it is necessary to check whether other vaccines can be approved. “European regulatory authorities should review the vaccines from Russia and China as soon as possible”. If they can prove to be safe and effective, they should adopt them.

In an interview with Germany’s Sunday Frankfurter daily on January 31, German health minister Jens schpen said that he was open to the use of the new vaccine from China and Russia. “If a vaccine is safe and effective, no matter which country it is produced in, it will certainly help to overcome the new pandemic.” The key, he said, is to get formal approval in accordance with European law.

Up to now, the European Union has approved three new crown vaccines to be put into use, namely, the vaccine developed by Pfizer in the United States in cooperation with German biotechnology company, the vaccine developed by Modena in the United States, and the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca in the United Kingdom in cooperation with Oxford University. However, due to the limited supply, Germany is in urgent need of more vaccines in order to “unseal” and recover its economy as soon as possible.

According to the latest data released by the Robert Koch Institute, a German disease control agency, as of 0:00 on January 31, 11192 new cases were newly diagnosed in a single day in Germany, with a total of 2216363 confirmed cases; 399 new deaths occurred, with a total of 56945 deaths. In addition, Germany has completed more than 2.31 million doses of neocrown vaccine.

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