Biden is considering an emergency return to the Iran nuclear agreement, US officials revealed

Jack Sullivan, assistant to the US president for national security affairs, said Friday that as the first step in dealing with a series of threats from Iran, President Biden is considering an urgent resumption of the nuclear agreement with Iran, foreign media said. That’s faster than the Biden administration’s earlier timetable.

According to the Washington Post website on January 30, Sullivan did not mention Biden’s repeated precondition that Iran should take the lead to stop its nuclear activities and comply with the provisions of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement. Sullivan said that Iran is now closer to building a nuclear bomb than when former president trump ordered the United States to withdraw from the nuclear agreement, so “putting the nuclear program in the box” is a top priority.

“We’re going to have to deal with other bad Iranian practices in the whole region, which are malicious practices,” Sullivan said. But from our point of view, as Iran is getting closer to having enough fissionable material to make nuclear weapons, a key point to be solved as soon as possible must be to deal with the escalating nuclear crisis. We want to make sure that some of the norms and restrictions that have faded over the past two years are re established around this plan. “

Washington, January 29 (AFP) – the new U.S. government has appointed Robert Marley, the designer of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, as the U.S. special envoy on Iran, but hardliners say he is too soft on Iran.

A US State Department official said on Friday that Secretary of state Lincoln is “building a dedicated team” to deal with the US Iran relationship, and it will be Marley who will lead the team, “the report said.

Mali is one of the main U.S. negotiators when Iran reached a nuclear agreement with world powers in 2015.

The State Department official said that Mali “left a successful record in negotiating the way to restrict Iran’s nuclear program when he was a negotiator.”. The Secretary of state is confident that he and his team will succeed again.

In addition, the website of USA Today reported on January 29 that Iran’s top diplomat in the United States warned the Biden government that it “must act quickly” to return to the Iran nuclear agreement abandoned by trump, because the “window” for Washington to cancel economic sanctions before the deadline set by Tehran is closing.

According to the report, Iran’s hardliners dominated Parliament set February 21 as the deadline for Biden to cancel U.S. sanctions to return to the Iran nuclear agreement.

In an exclusive interview with USA today, Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Majid taht ravanxi, said: “we have repeatedly said that if the United States decides to fulfill its international commitments and lift all illegal sanctions against Iran, we will fully implement the joint comprehensive action plan (Iran nuclear agreement), which is beneficial to all parties.”

The White House on Friday expressed its sense of urgency by appointing Robert Mali as its special envoy to Iran.

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