The Ministry of foreign affairs reminded its citizens not to go abroad during the Spring Festival holiday

Novel coronavirus pneumonia China’s foreign ministry reminds citizens of the Chinese New Year holiday that “unnecessary, urgent, and no going abroad”.

China News Agency, Beijing, February 1 (Xinhua) on February 1, the Consular Department of the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs reminded Chinese citizens that the Spring Festival holiday is “unnecessary, non urgent and not going abroad”.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic continues to spread worldwide, and the discovery of variant viruses in many countries has led China’s citizens to travel abroad and face greater health and safety risks, the consular division announced on the social media platform. With the coming of the Spring Festival holiday, the Ministry of foreign affairs solemnly reminds Chinese citizens to pay close attention to the safety reminders and overseas epidemic information issued by the Ministry of foreign affairs and embassies and consulates abroad, and fully assess the serious risks of cross infection, staying abroad and long isolation period that may be brought by current international travel. Reduce travel, friends and other non essential reasons to leave the country, to achieve “non essential, non urgent, do not go abroad.”.

The notice said that those who really need to go abroad must make proper arrangements for their personal itinerary, care for their own health and safety, understand in detail the policies of entry, transit and epidemic prevention and control of the destination country before going abroad, fully grasp the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control and health, and make corresponding preparations in advance. In case of emergency, overseas Chinese citizens can contact the Chinese embassy or consulate in the local area for consular protection and assistance. (end)

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