“I wish I hadn’t been on that flight.”

BNO immigrants can not enjoy British health insurance benefits during their six-year residence period, and they have to pay immigration health surcharge to use NHS. However, in recent years, with the increase of immigrants, the medical resources in the UK have been very tight, and the quality of service has declined significantly. This defect has been magnified during the epidemic period. If Hong Kong immigrants go to the UK now, they will face additional health risks. Not only are they more likely to be recruited, but they also have a longer waiting time for their beds.

Recently, the British mutant virus is rampant, the number of confirmed cases and deaths are increasing rapidly, and the NHS is on the verge of collapse. On January 26, Britain became the first country in Europe to have more than 100000 deaths. In the face of such a tragic situation, Johnson still claimed: “we have done everything we can. &”However, Professor of public health of Edinburgh University boldly pointed out that the UK’s anti epidemic system failed, and the government’s response was slow and hesitant, leading to repeated outbreaks.

On January 31 last year, the first British special plane for the evacuation of overseas Chinese with 83 British people “fled Wuhan”;. A year later, Matt, who was on the plane at that time, was still trapped in the outskirts of Cheshire. When he was interviewed by British media again, he even regretted: “I wish I hadn’t taken that flight at that time. The British government cheated us If we stay in China, we will be safer and more free. ”

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