Sinister intentions / BNO trap set by Britain to squeeze out “second class citizens”

Sinister intentions / BNO trap set by Britain to squeeze out

Photo: London’s streets are sparsely populated after the third closure in January. /Agence France Presse

In flagrant violation of international commitments, the British government has implemented the so-called British National (Overseas) passport (BNO) holders’ residence and Naturalization policy in the UK since January 31. It is estimated that the “net profit” brought by BNO immigrants can reach 2.4 billion to 2.9 billion pounds. Wilson, a British journalist, criticized that Prime Minister Johnson’s new BNO rules were grandstanding and aimed at taking Hong Kong people as pawns and seeking political interests. The United Kingdom is being plunged into the economic mire by the dual attack of COVID-19 and Europe. It hopes to transform the people of Hong Kong into the &ldquo of the United Kingdom; two, and other citizens ” through immigration, capital is introduced into Britain for blood transfusion. If we step into the BNO trap, Hong Kong people will not be able to enjoy British medical and educational benefits within six years. They will also face a very high risk of unemployment and the growing threat of racial discrimination. At the same time, they will have to pay high housing and daily expenses. /Ta Kung Pao reporter Sun Shu

& lt; a weak Britain should not open its door & gt;

Damian Wilson, a British journalist, wrote an article in Russia today criticizing that British Prime Minister Johnson’s introduction of the new BNO rules is an ostentation, with the purpose of using Hong Kong people as pawns to seek political interests. Johnson aimed at the wallet of Hong Kong people, hoping to stimulate the British economy by introducing capital through immigration. The British government estimates that BNO immigration will bring & lt; net profit & gt; of 2.4 billion to 2.9 billion pounds.

However, the British government only wants to extract the potential value of Hong Kong people, and is not willing to spend energy and resources to help them integrate into British society. It has not seriously considered whether the UK is really able to accept more immigrants. Wilson said bluntly: “a weak Britain is not suitable to open its door, and it must reconsider the hasty granting of citizenship. ” he pointed out that under the double impact of COVID-19 and de Europe, the high unemployment rate and the shortage of housing in Britain were the influx of large numbers of immigrants from Hongkong at the moment. It was “ the last thing in the country ”

Wilson said that the UK has so far lacked a clear understanding of the size of BNO immigration, and the number of BNO immigrants is expected to range from 9000 to an extremely exaggerated more than 5 million. The guardian pointed out that although the UK claimed that BNO holders would be allowed to apply for & lt; 5 + 1 & gt; visa from January 31, no official was assigned to coordinate the integration of immigrants. In this context, it is very difficult for Hong Kong immigrants to find a house or a job after they arrive in the UK. At the same time, they may encounter racial discrimination and hate crimes.

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