German officials urge EU to approve Chinese vaccine

German officials urge EU to approve Chinese vaccine

Photo: people leave the vaccination center in Berlin, Germany, on January 28. /Associated Press

[Ta Kung Pao] the German government warned on January 31 that it would take legal action against laboratories that failed to deliver vaccines to the European Union on time at a time when the delivery of AstraZeneca vaccines was delayed, leading to tense relations with the European Union, the guardian and AFP reported.

The governor of Bavaria criticized the federal government’s vaccination plan on January 30, calling on the authorities to consider authorizing Chinese and Russian vaccines to increase vaccine supply.

Bavaria governor Saud said on the same day that he hoped the States would have more say in vaccine distribution. He asked the authorities to consider authorizing the use of vaccines from China and Russia in Europe.

AstraZeneca, a joint venture between Britain and Sweden, said earlier that due to problems in its production base in Europe, the vaccine shipment to the EU in the first quarter of this year could only deliver a quarter of what it had promised. The European Union accused AstraZeneca of sacrificing the European Union to give priority to providing vaccines to the UK, and the contradiction between the two sides was escalating. German economy minister atmer said on January 31 that once these pharmaceutical factories fail to fulfill their obligations, Germany will have to take legal action.

German health minister Spencer said on January 30 that 2.3 million people have received at least one dose of vaccine, and Germany has purchased the vaccine in 2022 in advance in case of the need to increase the dose in the future to maintain people’s immunity to the variant virus. If we don’t need them [vaccines], that’s good, but if we need them, they can come in handy, says Mr span. ”

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