Retail Carnival experts worry

Young retail investors: beat them in the game of shorting institutions! ”

Pat, a 16-year-old high school student in Wisconsin, has invested $750 in Gamestop shares. He thinks it’s a good opportunity to make money and retaliate against hedge funds, like beating them in their game;. Batista, 25, used to work in a restaurant in New York, but lost her job because of the epidemic. He initially bought Gamestop just to pass the time, only to find that the investment of $4000 rose rapidly to $67000.

Musk: & lt; gamestonk!! ”

On the 26th, musk, founder of SpaceX, an American technology and enterprise giant, tweeted “Wall Street gambler” on twitter with the following text: “gamestonk!! &The word “stock” is a combination of “Gamestop” and “stocks”, which is popular on the Internet recently. The latter is actually a misspelled word “stocks”. It is used to satirize people who want to speculate in stocks but make wrong decisions.

Sosnick, chief analyst of Yingtou Securities:

It’s going to end quite miserably. The louder the balloon blows, the louder the explosion. ”

Source: New York Times


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