Is menstrual blood clot normal? Is menstrual blood clot palace cold

Is menstrual blood clot normal

Although menstruation, is to help women’s body detoxification things. But menstruation that few days, a woman’s mood often becomes very irritable, if combined with menstrual blood clots and accompanied by dysmenorrhea, the mood will become more depressed and irritable. So what is the cause of menstrual blood clot?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that menstrual blood clots are mostly related to blood stasis caused by female body cold. Generally, women with this condition will have a bad face and skin. For example, the skin will become rough, prone to acne, dark yellow face and so on. However, you can take traditional Chinese medicine to recuperate and dispel the cold in the body.

However, women with menstrual blood clots do not have to panic too much, because it is a manifestation of irregular menstruation caused by endocrine disorders, which is a relatively common phenomenon. Menstrual blood clot is usually due to endometrial shedding caused by bleeding phenomenon, but if the continuous emergence of menstrual volume and blood clot for blood stasis, it is necessary to timely conditioning.

In addition, if the menstrual cold, there will be blood clots, so women should pay attention to keep warm during menstruation. But if there is a blood clot for a long time, it may be the possibility of uterine fibroids, but young people generally do not have it. If they are not at ease, they can also go to check. But under normal circumstances, drink some hot brown sugar water, menstrual period is not cold, menstrual blood clot symptoms can be alleviated.

Menstrual blood clots should pay attention to keep warm during menstruation to prevent cold, in addition, can not eat cold food, not too tired, keep a happy mood and pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

Is menstruation blood clot palace cold

Is menstruation blood clot palace cold? Some people will say yes, but according to experts, the cause of menstrual blood clots is not only due to cold palace, it has other reasons. Therefore, it can not be said that menstrual blood clot is palace cold. So, what are the other causes of menstrual blood clots? Here are four other reasons for blood clots in your menstruation:

1. It is related to bleeding speed and blood volume

Menstrual blood clots and bleeding volume and bleeding speed, if you have too much bleeding to rush, often with blood clots, this time may be more bleeding, on the integration of a block.

2. It is related to the loss of endometrium

Blood clot in menstruation is a common symptom of irregular menstruation. Blood clot in menstruation is mainly due to bleeding caused by endometrial shedding in women.

3. It is related to stagnation of liver qi

Menstruation with blood clots may also be liver qi stagnation, the more blood clots on behalf of the more severe meridian blockage, through massage can solve. If menstruation is really unbearable abdominal pain, usually we should pay attention to their own back massage, massage soles.

4. Related to gynecological diseases

Although there are many reasons for menstrual disorders, the more common one is caused by premature ovarian failure, which is called menstrual problems caused by deficiency of Qi and blood and Yin and blood in traditional Chinese medicine.


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