What are the adverse reactions after new crown vaccine? How long does the adverse reaction of new crown vaccine appear

What are the adverse reactions after the new crown vaccine

As with other types of inactivated vaccines, due to personal physical reasons, some people may have physical discomfort after receiving the new coronal vaccine. So far, the more common adverse reactions mainly include headache, fever, loss of appetite, cough, diarrhea, vomiting, etc., and the inoculation site may appear red halo, hard lump, acid swelling, pruritus, etc. These are normal situations. Vaccinators need not worry too much. They can disappear 2-3 days after vaccination. At present, serious adverse reactions related to the vaccine have not been detected.

How long does new crown vaccine adverse reaction appear

Generally within 30 minutes. Adverse reactions usually occur within 30 minutes after the vaccination, so the vaccinators need to rest at the vaccination site for at least 30 minutes after the vaccination. When there are physical discomfort reactions, they should report to the vaccination doctor in time. In addition, on the day of inoculation, it is necessary to keep the inoculation site dry and hygienic, arrange rest appropriately, avoid contacting with known and common allergens within one week after inoculation, and try to avoid drinking, eating spicy and seafood food, light diet and drinking more water.

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