Foreign media: Moon Jae in Biden’s dialogue with North Korea

According to The Associated Press reported in Seoul on January 18th, South Korean President moon Jae in Locke Monday urged the incoming Biden administration to continue to learn from President Trump’s diplomatic contact with North Korea.

Reported that Wen Yin Yin through difficult lobbying, helped to confirm the three meeting between Trump and the supreme leader of North Korea, but the diplomatic contacts between the two sides were deadlocked by the DPRK demanding sanctions to be mitigated. “Moon Jae in the sun”, Kim Jeong-eun said.

According to moon Jae in Seoul’s press conference, Kim Jeong-eun and Washington can still have the &ldquo to abandon nuclear weapons if Pyongyang and Washington can find mutually acceptable measures to reduce nuclear threats and ensure security in the north; and clear intention &rdquo.

When asked about North Korea’s attempt to strengthen its ballistic missile capability to combat the targets in South Korea, Wen said that South Korea could fully respond to moon Jae in its own missile system and other military equipment.

The report quoted him as saying: “the Biden administration’s coming to power provides a new opportunity to start talks between the DPRK and the United States, the ROK and the DPRK. &rdquo, moon Jae in the talks said that the talks were also stagnant because of the deadlock in nuclear negotiations.

Wen Yin said that the agreement reached between Trump and Kim Jeong-eun for the first time was still meaningful, and the Biden administration should learn from their failure in the second meeting. Moon Jae in the first meeting of the two countries was still a great deal of people.

According to the Seoul Yonhap news agency on January 18th, the president of the Republic of Korea said in moon Jae in today that if necessary, the two sides could discuss the joint military exercises between Seoul and Washington through the joint military commission of Korea and Korea, which was agreed by the Han Zhaofeng conference in 2018.


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