The harm and symptoms of hypoglycemia

The harm and symptom of hypoglycemia

First, the earliest symptoms of hypoglycemia are hunger, palpitation, shaking hands, pale complexion, cold limbs, numbness and weakness, accompanied by dizziness, anxiety, mental disorder and other symptoms. If they continue to develop, they will have severe headache, unanswered, unresponsive, black eyes, muscle twitch, even coma and disappearance of various reflexes. If they are not rescued in time, they may seriously threaten people’s lives.

Second, the four hazards of hypoglycemia: 1, long-term repeated severe hypoglycemia attacks can lead to central nervous system disorders, causing personality variation, mental disorders, and even dementia. 2. Hypoglycemia can also affect the cardiovascular system, resulting in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as arrhythmia, myocardial infarction and other diseases. 3. Hypoglycemia, the body’s adrenal hormone glucocorticoid and other glucocorticoids increased, leading to reactive hyperglycemia, the disease worsened. 4. If hypoglycemia coma is not found in time for a long time, rescue may cause death.

Symptoms of climacteric hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia symptoms are the same, there is no gender difference. Typical symptoms of hypoglycemia include palpitation, sweating, hunger, tension, anxiety, weakness, pale complexion, cold limbs, shaking hands and other symptoms. Severe hypoglycemia can lead to central nervous system dysfunction, such as inattention, slow reaction and thinking, and even hallucinations, irritability, strange behavior, etc., which can seriously lead to hypoglycemic coma. Patients with the above symptoms, measured blood sugar is less than 3.0mmol/l, after eating sugary food, hypoglycemia symptoms immediately relieved, can be clear hypoglycemia symptoms. Some women during menopause also have emotional instability, irritability, irritability, sweating, panic symptoms, more similar to hypoglycemia, but the blood glucose level is normal, the possibility of hypoglycemia is ruled out.


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