How does skin allergy do repeatedly? How does bubble hot spring allergy do

How to deal with repeated skin allergy

Skin allergy is almost everyone will encounter things, everyone has their own allergens in the body, but because everyone’s physical differences, so the way and degree of performance is not the same. Some people as long as they encounter pollen, dust, mites and other allergic reactions will appear, the face rash is only the slightest performance. So often how does skin allergy do?

In our daily life, we often see the phenomenon of skin allergy, and there are many factors causing skin allergy, such as: inhalation of pollen, soap, detergent, seafood, high protein intake and so on, these are the most common causes of allergy. When there is skin allergy, the most intuitive performance is skin rash, skin itching, serious will cause a variety of bronchitis, allergic asthma and so on.

1. We should pay more attention to the cleaning of personal articles and personal hygiene. Personal articles are the place where bacteria are most likely to grow. The quilts, sheets, beds and pillows we sleep every day should be often dried in the sun. The damp air is easy to breed mites. It is better to change and wash the sheets once a week. If the time is too long, allergy will occur.

2. When you go out, you must do a good job of sun protection. The energy radiated by the sun contains ultraviolet rays. Proper absorption of ultraviolet rays is helpful to the human body, but long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays will cause damage to the skin. Some people are naturally sensitive to sunlight dermatitis, which can cause allergy, so we should apply it half an hour in advance when we go out Sunscreen, try to wear long sleeves, to avoid UV contact with the skin.

3. During the allergic period, we must reduce the intake of seafood and high protein food, because these foods are hair products, which will not relieve our allergic symptoms, but will aggravate the allergy. We must mainly eat light diet, and eat more fruits containing vitamins, because vitamins can promote skin recovery, such as apples, lemons and so on.

How to do hot spring allergy

Due to contact with substances that are easy to cause allergies, skin emergency inflammatory lesions will lead to skin redness and itching. The above symptoms, need to go to the hospital to do allergen testing, easy to cause allergic substances, avoid contact, need to cooperate with anti allergic, antihistamine drugs better improve.


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