What is the symptom of hunger hypoglycemia? How to find hypoglycemia

What are the symptoms of hunger hypoglycemia?

For healthy people without diabetes, hypoglycemia caused by starvation mostly occurs within 4 hours after meals, such as night, early morning, dawn, etc., which is not a disease. This is the most common one in life. People who are prone to this kind of situation can eat less and more meals and strive to eat something every three hours. Once hypoglycemia occurs, sugar, fruits and biscuits should be added immediately, and the symptoms can be relieved quickly. If you have any questions, you can communicate with online experts one-on-one

In order to pursue slim figure, some women don’t eat or seldom eat. In winter, the human body needs more heat. In this case, eating too little will lead to insufficient sugar absorption. A little vigorous exercise will make women feel dizzy and flustered. Not only those who lose weight excessively, but also those who lose weight excessively for any reason will affect the body’s understanding of sugar Therefore, hypoglycemia may occur.

Hunger hypoglycemia is not a disease, it is just a normal physiological reaction, of course, can be treated!

The blood glucose of normal adults is 4-6 mmol / L. when the blood glucose is lower than 2.8 mmol / L, hypoglycemia symptoms may appear. Blood glucose is the main source of energy for brain cells. Transient hypoglycemia can lead to brain dysfunction, and severe and persistent hypoglycemia can cause brain cell death. Therefore, timely family emergency can make the brain function better

There are many causes of hypoglycemia, some of which need special examination, such as insulinoma. The common causes are diabetes patients who use excessive hypoglycemic drugs or excessive control of eating after exertion, middle-aged women with emotional instability, primary school students who don’t eat breakfast, hunger before noon, liver disease, after gastric surgery, etc, Palpitation, weakness, hunger, shaking hands and feet, sweating, etc. the latter is characterized by dizziness, blurred vision, slow reaction, drowsiness, hallucination, groundless noise, strange behavior, coma, etc

It is not difficult to give first aid to patients with hypoglycemia at home. It is the most effective and simple way to supplement sugars such as sugar water, juice and snacks as soon as possible. Every family can do it. When the patient is in a coma, 50% glucose should be injected intravenously as soon as possible. The biggest difficulty is to determine whether it is hypoglycemia. The most correct way is to use a rapid blood glucose meter, As long as the patient is hungry and has the above symptoms at the same time, he can drink a cup of concentrated sugar water. Most patients who have improved can be diagnosed. After the condition is relieved, he should go to the hospital to find out the cause of hypoglycemia so as to effectively respond to treatment

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