Colorectal polyps should be removed as soon as they are found

Colorectal polyps should be removed as soon as they are found Author: Zhang Hua Wu Yuan Tuan July 31, 2018

Article / Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhang Hua correspondent Wu Yuantuan

Colorectal polyps are closely related to colorectal cancer. Spleen and stomach disease experts pointed out that as long as it is found, it should be removed, which is the best strategy to reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer.

Removal of colorectal polyps to reduce the probability of colorectal cancer

During the physical examination, Mr. Chen did colonoscopy and found that there were polyps in the intestines. Pathological biopsy showed that the polyps were benign, but the doctor suggested that they should be removed immediately. Mr. Chen was puzzled.

Zhao Xiying, chief physician of the Department of spleen and stomach diseases in the compound of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, explained that colorectal polyps with tumorous nature are called adenomas. This kind of polyp is closely related to cancer and has different degrees of malignant transformation. While the other kind of non tumorous nature, although less related to cancer, can evolve into adenomas and have malignant transformation. And with the increase of the number of polyps, the probability of canceration will increase rapidly. So if polyps are found, they should be removed.

The study found that for people over 40 years old, colonoscopy once every five years and timely removal of colorectal polyps can reduce the mortality rate of colorectal cancer by more than 90%.

At present, there is no need to operate to deal with polyps. Polyps can be cut off under colonoscopy. It is safe and effective with small trauma. Now it has become the main method for the treatment of colorectal polyps.

After partial resection, we should pay attention to the living habits

Although colorectal polyps are easy to remove, they may recur. According to statistics, the recurrence rate of colorectal polyps after operation is 28.6% within one year and 75% – 81% within two years.

Therefore, it is best to have a reexamination three months after the operation. If no abnormality is found, reexamination can be carried out in 3-5 years. If there is a new polyp growing out, it should be resected again.

Zhao Xiying said that some people have the susceptibility gene of colorectal polyps, so they have the tendency of family inheritance. Parents have it, and children can’t avoid it. Of course, it is also related to personal eating habits. For example, people like to eat fried food, braised pork, etc. they are easy to grow polyps. If the amount of fat consumed by the human body exceeds 40% in the whole diet, it will also lead to the formation of polyps in the colon and rectum. There is long-term constipation will also be easy to grow polyps.

Experts suggest that smoking cessation and alcohol restriction, do not eat too much salty and spicy food, do not eat too hot, too cold, expired and deteriorated food, old and weak or have a certain disease genetic gene can eat some food with high alkali content.

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