Hong Kong people go northward

Chen Rongen, a Hong Kong native, came to Huizhou, Guangdong Province in 2017 to become a modern farmer from an electrical and mechanical engineer, responsible for the operation of the vegetable supply base for Hong Kong. All vegetables are cultivated by water, and the cultivation process is closely monitored, so that they are free of dust, insects and heavy metals, so as to make Hong Kong people feel at ease.

It takes about 45 days for each vegetable to be sown, harvested, processed and marketed. To ensure its freshness, all vegetables are transported to Hong Kong from harvest to supermarket shelves within 24 hours. In other words, a salad can be picked at 7 a.m. and then put on the market in Hong Kong the next morning. It can appear on the public table at noon and become a delicacy.

According to statistics, more than 7 million people in Hong Kong consume 2361 tons of vegetables a day, of which more than 90% come from the “vegetable basket” supply base in the mainland. Among them, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, bean sprouts and kale are the most popular.

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