Xinhua International Review: Chinese JUNCAO global “circle powder”

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, February 1

Xinhua News Agency reporter Han Liang

Grass, can it grow to 8 meters? It can prevent wind and sand, and grow mushrooms? The former Defense Minister of Papua New Guinea named his daughter “JUNCAO”? What kind of grass can have such charm and magic?

Recently, the popular anti-poverty drama “mountain and sea situation” let more audiences know about JUNCAO, and also let the world see the broad panorama of JUNCAO’s benefits to the local and the world.

In fact, Chinese JUNCAO has already begun to “circle powder” in the world. More than 30 years ago, Chinese researchers combined mushrooms with weeds, and JUNCAO was born. For more than 20 years, this herb, which can be used to cultivate edible or medicinal fungi, has gradually broken through the wall and entered the world, releasing great potential in poverty alleviation, desertification control, animal husbandry, power generation and other fields. Today, the magical “Chinese grass” has taken root in more than 100 countries, spreading hope and friendship, conveying confidence and strength, and helping many countries eliminate poverty.

Why is JUNCAO so magical?

This is a rich grass: JUNCAO does not choose the environment, so it is easy to grow; JUNCAO technology is an effective way to cultivate edible mushrooms and medicinal fungi, and to produce feed with high crude protein content and high yield.

This is a poverty alleviation grass: the leaves, stems and roots of mycorrhiza are treasures, which can be used in a variety of ways, forming a three state cycle of “grass”, “fungus” and “livestock”. The worse the environment is, the poorer the place is, the more its vitality and economic value can be displayed.

This is a sand control grass: JUNCAO has high plant height, fast growth and well-developed reticular root system, which can effectively increase the surface roughness and cover of sand, significantly reduce wind speed and achieve the effect of wind and sand prevention.

This is a friendship grass: from Africa to Oceania, mycorrhizal inventor Professor Lin Zhanxi led the team to bring mycorrhizal technology to Fiji, Lesotho, Nigeria, Rwanda, Eritrean and other countries to actively carry out international poverty alleviation cooperation and help local people get rid of poverty and become rich.

In Papua New Guinea, it is called “forest grass” to express its gratitude to China’s poverty alleviation experts. Lesotho folk songs sing like this: some people say that she is a weed; some people say that she is life; she is food and medicine; she is a symbol of hope

JUNCAO has helped some countries break through the bottleneck of agricultural development for many years. JUNCAO, which creates green jobs for more than 100 countries in the world, was praised by Espinosa, President of the 73rd UN General Assembly.

From “China grass” to “China Road”, from imparting experience and technology to training professionals, from promoting infrastructure construction to promoting sustainable development, China’s poverty alleviation actions are helping more people get rid of life difficulties, acquire livelihood skills and change individual destiny.

At present, facing the global recession and possible food security threat caused by COVID-19, China is making great efforts to “help China” to help developing countries to maintain food security and restore economic development. The Chinese mycorrhizal technology expert group in Lesotho flexibly adjusted the training methods, carried out technical training outdoors and on the production site, answered questions and solved problems for farmers at any time, and made breakthroughs in the simplification of mycorrhizal mushroom planting technology

It is a great oriental country’s mind and practice to be good to the world. The story of “China grass” injects strong confidence into poverty eradication in developing countries and makes sincere contributions to the cause of global poverty reduction.

China’s China’s one belt, one road to global development, and China’s action to reduce poverty, is a new chapter in the history of human development. The connotation of building a community of human destiny is becoming increasingly clear in the silent description of moistening things.

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