Sudden change in Myanmar’s political situation: Biden denounces and threatens to implement new sanctions

news flash! Myanmar’s political situation suddenly changed, Biden issued “condemnation” and “threatened” to implement new sanctions

[global network reporter Zhao Jiandong] in the early morning of February 1, local time, Myanmar’s military detained state councilor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Wen Min, then took over the state power and declared a one-year state of emergency. According to the associated press and Capitol Hill news, on February 1 local time, US President Biden issued a statement condemning this and “threatening” to impose new sanctions on Myanmar.

Biden said in the statement that Myanmar’s military action was “a direct attack on the country’s transition to democracy and the rule of law.”. “Over the past decade, the United States has lifted sanctions against Myanmar based on its democratic process.” Biden further said that he would take action against the person in charge of the incident, “when this process reverses, it forces us to immediately review the sanctions laws and relevant institutions, and then take appropriate action.”

Biden also said that the international community should work together to support Myanmar’s “restoration of democracy and the rule of law”, and jointly called on the Burmese military to “immediately hand over the power they seized, release the activists and officials they held, lift all communication restrictions, and avoid violence against civilians.”

The White House has previously said that if the Burmese leaders are not released, they will “take action” against those responsible for it; US Secretary of state Burlington also called on the Burmese military leaders to release Aung San Suu Kyi and other detained people, “we call on the Burmese military leaders to release all (detained) government officials and civil society leaders, and respect the Burmese people’s rights in (last year) 1 The will expressed on January 8, “he added,” is that the United States supports the aspirations of the Burmese people for democracy, freedom, peace and development. The military must correct these behaviors immediately. “

Some western countries and media use “coup” to describe the situation. But the Burmese military insists it is acting in accordance with the Constitution and intends to respond to “election fraud.”. Tensions between Myanmar’s civilian government and military escalated after Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) won an overwhelming 83% election last November.

Aung San Suu Kyi said in a statement on the 1st that the military has put the country back under dictatorship. She also urged the public not to accept the coup launched by the military, and called on the public to protest.

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