Japan’s Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences was dismissed for going to nightclubs during the epidemic emergency

Xinhua news agency, Tokyo, February, 1 (reporter Jiang Qiaomei) during the night of COVID-19’s emergency, she went to Tokyo night club in Tokyo, and Japanese Vice Minister of science and culture was removed from office by Prime Minister Kan Yi Wei on 1. Tano Setado, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party, took over Tano Setado’s position.

Kan Yiwei, after listening to a report from tanizase at the prime minister’s official residence that day, blamed him for “this is not the right behavior.”. Recently, the LDP also advised tanigase, Matsumoto Junichiro, the former chairman of the National Public Security Committee, and Takashi Otsuka, the vice member of the National Congress on countermeasures, to quit the party.

In addition, the representative of the Komeito party who is in power with the LDP, Haruhiko Yuanshan, was also exposed by the Japanese media when he went to the Ginza nightclub during the state of emergency, and submitted his resignation to the house of Representatives on January 1.

At the request of the opposition party, Kan Yiwei will explain in parliament on the night club access during the emergency state of tanilase epidemic situation on the 2nd.

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