Chinese Embassy issues “Spring Festival package” to new students

Singapore, February 1 (Xinhua) Kang Kai, education counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, led the working group to Sarton International College in Singapore on January 28 to convey the motherland’s care and greetings to Chinese students and wish them a happy Spring Festival.

Kangkai put forward three instructions to Chinese students. First of all, “safe study”, under the situation of global COVID-19, strengthens personal hygiene prevention, and does not necessarily do not travel; secondly, “striving to learn”, striving to make progress and learning well; third, we must learn to think and practice bravely.

Kang Kai said that he hoped that the students would keep their patriotism, stick to their patriotism, and grow into outstanding talents who can be worthy of great responsibilities as soon as possible.

The working group issued the well prepared “Spring Festival package” to the international students and exchanged with the students.

Student representative Wu Jiayue said that the motherland will always be a strong backing for Chinese students studying abroad. She will study hard, master skills and become a talent needed by the motherland.

Cheng Jie, chairman of the academic committee of Sutton International College, said that the virus has no lover, and the visit of the working group of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore made the teachers and students of Sutton feel particularly cordial and warm.

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