Ministry of foreign affairs criticizes us anonymous report on China: lie collection and conspiracy theory

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, February 1 (reporters Zheng Mingda and Dong Xue) – it is reported that the Atlantic Council, an American think tank, recently released an anonymous report on China, instigating a cold war against China. In response, foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a regular press conference on February 1 that both the anonymous report of the Atlantic Council and the slander attack of Pompey o on the Communist Party of China are “a collection of lies” and “conspiracy theories” that lie and make rumors. Rumors can not stop China’s progress.

Wang Wenbin said that the so-called report was published anonymously, which fully exposed the dark psychology and cowardice of some people. In today’s world, “new cold war” and ideological confrontation are against the trend of the times and unpopular. It is even more wishful thinking to clamor for regime change in China and attempt to contain China!

He said that the Communist Party of China strives for the happiness of the people, the rejuvenation of the nation and the Great Harmony of the world. “The attempt to interfere in China’s internal affairs and change China’s political system will certainly be dealt a head-on blow by the Chinese people. All forces that spread hostility between the Chinese and American people and try to push Sino US relations into confrontation and conflict are bound to become historical culprits and doomed to failure. “

[correction] [editor in charge: Wang Mengmeng]

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