When is polydactyly operated? Can baby’s foot varus be cured

When to operate for polydactyly

If the baby has polydactyly, but this needs to be divided into different situations. Generally, there is no bone in the extra place, and it can be removed at 2-6 months of age. If there is bone in the place where the baby comes out, it needs to be resected according to whether it will affect the normal function of the hand. If it does, it needs to be operated on when the baby is 3-6 years old.

In fact, if pregnant women take drugs during pregnancy, or under the stimulation of viral infection or radioactive substances, they will make the baby grow multi fingered. It may also be that the abnormal development of the baby before birth leads to multi fingered situation. Moreover, multi fingered disease can be inherited, so some babies are familial inheritance and multi fingered situation occurs.

Can baby foot varus cure

1. Varus is a common congenital deformity, mostly unilateral foot deformity, but it can also be bilateral. When the deformity is obvious, it can be found when the child is born. If it can be treated as soon as possible, the effect is better, but the deformity may recur after treatment, so it is necessary to follow up regularly until the bone is mature. 2. After 15 years old, children can be treated by three joint fusion surgery. After the surgery, they are fixed with plaster until the three joints of calcaneus, talocalcanea and calcaneocuboid are fused. Warm tips: 1, found foot varus, should be born 7-10 days after treatment, the earlier the better. In the early stage, manipulation was the main method. After 3 months, long leg flexion plaster tube orthopedics was needed. After 1 year old (6 months), surgery was needed. 2. Postoperative orthopedic braces (such as “Dennis Brown” night brace, or footek foot to top orthopedic shoes) should be added, and regular outpatient examination should be carried out until after 14 years old to prevent recurrence.

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