How long can you eat yoghurt after gallstone operation

Precautions for cholecystectomy wpap60302br

The dietary guidance after cholelithiasis resection includes: fasting within two days after operation, eating soft food on the third day after operation, insisting on eating less and more meals, and gradually normalizing diet after 3 months after operation. Do cholelithiasis resection: to do psychological preparation, and complications take corresponding measures.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the incidence rate of many diseases is also increasing, including gallstones. Gender incidence rate is associated with the incidence rate of gallstones, which is related to our age. In the treatment of gallstones, there is a treatment by cholecystectomy. So what is the dietary guidance after gallstone resection? What are the precautions for gallstone resection? Let’s talk about these two problems.

Cholecystectomy refers to the removal of the gallbladder. The diet guidance after the operation has the following precautions: first, fasting within two days after the operation. During fasting, we can supplement nutrition through intravenous infusion. 2、 On the third day after the operation, you can start to eat, but at this time, you should eat some soft food with higher fat content, such as rice soup, soybean milk and lotus root powder. Slowly change to bread, milk and pasta. 3、 The diet after the operation should insist on eating less and more meals, not eating animal viscera and greasy food, mainly eating steamed and stewed food. 4、 With the recovery after the operation, after 3 months after the operation, you can eat four meals a day, and eat more vegetables and fruits at the same time.

Cholecystectomy, there are some precautions, such as: before the operation to have a certain psychological preparation, at the same time, do a good job in the inspection work. If there are organ dysfunction in patients with gallstones is not acceptable for resection. Cholecystectomy, there may be some complications, such as: postoperative bleeding. These drugs are psychologically prepared and appropriate measures are taken.

How long can you eat yoghurt after gallstone operation

After gallstone surgery can drink yogurt, gallstone or gallstone surgery patients, must pay attention to diet light, try to eat less greasy food. Try to eat more vegetables, eat less fat and animal oil, regular diet, quit smoking, drink, eat less snacks, strengthen exercise to avoid recurrence of gallstones. In addition, after gallstone surgery, usually do not need to take drug prevention. But it should be checked regularly, and the upper abdomen should be reexamined by B-ultrasound once every 6 months to 1 year, so as to find out the situation as soon as possible and treat it as soon as possible. The above is about the content of drinking water and diet after gallstone surgery, I hope to help you.

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