Biden postpones foreign policy speech as winter storm sweeps us East Coast

On February 1 local time, New York, New Jersey and other States issued warnings one after another to urge residents to stay at home and avoid going out due to the heavy snow and bad weather brought by the winter storm in the eastern part of the United States. Biden’s foreign policy speech scheduled for the same day was also delayed later this week due to the bad weather.

At a White House news conference on February 1, press secretary Jen psaki announced that homeland security adviser Liz Sherwood Randall Sherwood Randall “held a coordination teleconference with the acting director of FEMA and the director of the National Weather Service on a storm moving toward the mid Atlantic,” saying the president would “ensure close coordination among federal, state and local officials in preparing for and responding to weather emergencies.”

New York governor Andrew Cuomo said at a news conference on the 1st that the winter storm was “very dangerous” and declared a state of emergency in 44 counties of New York state. He urged residents of New York state to stay at home as much as possible. Como said the storm is expected to reach a speed of 2 inches per hour, “which can’t be solved by snow shovels.”. Due to worsening weather conditions, the New York City Transit Authority suspended subway service at 2 p.m. EDT. It is reported that 90% of flights in New York state have been cancelled.

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy also held a news conference on the 1st, saying that because the weather will be “very bad”, he called on residents to stay at home during the storm. The current weather forecast shows that the storm will last until the evening of the 2nd. Murphy said there are about 1500 blackouts caused by storms in New Jersey, and more blackouts are expected.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine was launched in New Jersey on 31 May. Due to weather reasons, most of the transfer stations and six new major vaccine points will be closed. Murphy said it was not sure if they could reopen tomorrow, and the state government would share the latest news later in the day. (CCTV reporter Xu Dezhi)

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