My ambassador to ASEAN held a press conference to read President Xi Jinping’s special speech at the world economic forum. Jakarta, February 1 (reporter Zhang Jie) in February 1st, China’s ambassador to ASEAN Deng Xijun held a video conference in Jakarta to introduce and interpret the special speech delivered by Xi Jinping at the Davos economic summit forum.

Deng Xijun said that in January 25, 2021, President Xi Jinping attended the “Davos agenda” dialogue at the world economic forum in Beijing on video, and delivered a special speech entitled “let the torch of multilateralism illuminate the way forward for mankind”. In his speech, President Xi Jinping mentioned multilateralism many times, accurately grasped the pulse of the times, and put forward the China proposition to solve the problem of the times. President Xi Jinping’s speech pointed out the direction and path for development in the confused world today, showing that China’s wisdom and China’s role will effectively promote the reconstruction of global mutual trust, the global consensus, the unity of global forces and the building of a community of human destiny.

Deng Xijun stressed that 4 years ago, President Xi Jinping delivered keynote speech at the annual session of the world economic forum, which pointed out the direction for globalization at the crossroads. Emerge in an endless stream China novel coronavirus pneumonia crossroads, decide on what path to follow. When President Xi Jinping again appeared in the Davos forum, he analyzed the issue of the times and put forward the China plan, which was widely concerned and praised.

At the press conference, Deng Xijun also answered reporters’ questions on the prospects of East Asian cooperation, the 30th anniversary of the establishment of China ASEAN dialogue relations, China ASEAN Economic and trade cooperation, the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement, the South China Sea issue, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and the Xinjiang issue.

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