New route from Hefei China Europe train to Prague

Hefei, February 1 (Xinhua) the reporter learned from Hefei international inland port development Co., Ltd. that on January 31, the China Europe train full of 100 TEUs goods left the logistics base of Hefei north railway station and went to Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, via the port of Horgos. The shipment of this train marks the opening up of a new line for Hefei China Europe train and the successful expansion of a new station in Prague, Czech Republic.

“The value of goods transported by this train is nearly 5.1 million US dollars, and the weight of goods is more than 590 tons. The goods include intelligent lawn mower, LED electronic display, optical cable, X-ray scanning system components, etc.” Shen Xiaogen, chairman of Hefei international inland port development Co., Ltd., said that in recent years, Hefei China Europe train has continued to build an international logistics channel with multiple lines, multiple ports, strong linkage and high coverage, and the line territory has been expanding day by day. The opening of the new line “Hefei North – Horgos – Czech Prague” has once again expanded the route territory of Hefei China Europe train and promoted the business development to a larger platform. So far, the number of China Europe train lines in Hefei has increased to 35, reaching 36 cities in 11 countries including Germany, France, Russia and the Netherlands.

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