Germany to introduce plan to improve the speed of vaccination

China News Agency, Berlin, February 1 (reporter Peng Dawei) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after talks with state governors and representatives of new crown vaccine manufacturers on the 1st that the German federal government and the States will jointly formulate a national vaccination plan to improve the current problem of poor vaccination appointment. Merkel stressed that her previous statement that “by the end of this summer, all citizens can be given a dose of vaccine” is achievable.

Germany to introduce plan to improve the speed of vaccination

On January 19 local time, in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, a picture of wearing a mask was taken. Photo by Peng Dawei, China News Agency

As of January 1, Germany had received 2467918 doses of vaccine, of which 1935356 people had received the first dose and 532562 people had received the second dose. The number of people who have received the first dose accounts for about 2.3% of the total population in Germany.

Merkel made the above statement at a press conference held in Berlin on the same day. She said that as long as there is no accident, the above goal can be achieved. At the same time, she stressed that the production of the new crown vaccine approved at present is enough for Germany to achieve this goal, and with the approval of more vaccines on the market, the shortage of vaccine supply will be further eased. Merkel said the number of vaccines available to the EU in the first quarter of this year was limited, but that situation will be improved in the second quarter.

Merkel said that through the development of a national vaccination program, the existing vaccine strategy of the German federal government will be supplemented, so that the federal government can better grasp the number of vaccines that Germany is expected to receive in the next few months. Merkel also announced on the same day that a coordination platform will be established to coordinate the production and distribution of vaccine injection bottles, syringes and vaccine raw materials, so as to expand vaccine production capacity as much as possible.

The number of new coronavirus infections and deaths announced by the German CDC on the same day were 5608 and 175 respectively. Germany’s “time online” real-time data show that as of 21:38 local time on the 1st, a total of 2233837 people were diagnosed, 1935459 were cured and 58415 died in Germany. (end)

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