Nurses are in short supply. 30000 volunteers have been recruited to help vaccinate in Britain

British COVID-19 is serious, and the medical system is strained. To speed up vaccination, the UK is recruiting a total of 30000 volunteers as temporary nurses. After intensive training, they will join the army of nurses to vaccinate the public with the new crown vaccine.

According to Agence France Presse on February 1, St. John’s ambulance is responsible for recruiting these volunteers. The inclusion criteria included 18 years of age, high school education and no criminal record.

After the initial selection, the volunteers need to complete 15 hours of online learning, and then go to the training center to start practical operation.

Carl fazacli, a teacher of St. John’s ambulance, told reporters that vaccination is at risk of allergy, and the work of screening allergic patients will be done by professional nurses, but in case, volunteers should also learn how to deal with various emergencies.

After the training, the volunteers need to be assessed in a simulated vaccination center.

According to Mr. FA, the British health care system, the NHS, is under the pressure of COVID-19. Relying solely on NHS’s manpower is not possible to complete the government’s goal of vaccination. “Volunteers are essential for mass vaccination.”

The UK started the vaccination program in early December last year and plans to complete the vaccination of 15 million people who are more vulnerable to the new coronavirus in the country by mid February this year.

According to the data released by the British government on January 31, more than 21000 new confirmed cases and 587 new deaths were reported that day. (Guo Qian)

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