U.S. blocks China Myanmar myitsone hydropower station on hold

U.S. blocks China Myanmar myitsone hydropower station on hold

Burma China one belt, one road and one important strategic node, and China and Burma have deepened economic cooperation in recent years to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation, according to the comprehensive voice of Germany and Xinhua news agency. &ldquo is a key node of China’s strategy for &rdquo. After the Rohingya crisis in 2017, western countries began to isolate Myanmar, but China did not stop investing in Myanmar. In 2020, China and Myanmar agreed to strengthen cooperation and strive to promote projects such as Kyaukpyu special economic zone.

In November 2018, China and Myanmar signed the framework agreement on Kyaukpyu deepwater port project. It is estimated that the port will generate billions of dollars in tax revenue for the Myanmar government and bring opportunities for local enterprises. The 72 year old tunnu, who has been engaged in economic opening and business investment in Kyaukpyu government for a long time, said that he had written to Myanmar government officials twice to suggest that he cooperate with Chinese enterprises to speed up the construction of Kyaukpyu port.

For China, Kyaukpyu port can connect China’s inland with the Indian Ocean, providing great convenience for sea transportation. The oil and gas pipeline jointly built by China and Myanmar will also save a lot of cost and time when transporting oil. More importantly, Kyaukpyu port has greatly reduced China’s dependence on the Strait of Malacca, which is of strategic significance.

However, the construction of myitsone hydropower project in Kachin state of Myanmar started in 2009, which was suddenly stopped in 2011 and has been shelved so far. U.S. diplomatic documents released by Wikileaks confirm that the U.S. Embassy in Myanmar has funded activists against hydropower stations. Two months before the suspension of the project, U.S. embassy personnel also planned activities against the hydropower project in Chennai, Thailand. In 2019, the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar issued a statement saying that the myitsone hydropower project is one of the difficulties faced by China Myanmar cooperation, but it is not Kachin residents who oppose the project, but some individuals and some foreign organizations;.

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