Foreign media: the shadow of security shrouds the inauguration ceremony, Biden team firmly believes in the safety of the ceremony

The US “Capitol Hill” Daily website published a report on January 17 entitled “security threats turned the capital into a military zone before the inauguration ceremony”, saying that on the eve of President elect Biden’s inauguration ceremony, the US Capitol building and its surrounding areas had become a military zone. Police stepped up security after trump backed thugs broke through police barriers and stormed the Capitol.

A fence about 2.1 meters high has been erected around the Capitol building, the affiliated office building and the Supreme Court, the report said.

The report also said that the number of the National Guard will be as many as 25000, many of whom are armed. The National Guard has been photographed sleeping in almost every corner of the Capitol building – a security scene never seen since President Lincoln was ready to take office during the civil war.

In the history of the United States, such a situation seems to be rare. Miller, covid-19, President of University of Virginia, the center for research and development at University of Virginia, said: “ we need a best celebration during the new crown epidemic situation, when we need to unite, we need to tell the world about ‘ we are the beacon of democracy, the &rsquo of the shining city of mountains, our own Capitol Hill has become an armed fort for &middot. ”

The report also said that the U.S. secret service is coordinating the largest security garrison in Washington’s history, not only because of potential attacks, but also because of the potential for more chaos. Christopher ray, the director of the Federal Bureau of investigation, has specifically pointed out that “a lot of worrying Internet chat messages” appeared on the eve of the inauguration ceremony;.

Downtown Washington has been inundated with roadblocks, barriers, fences and armored vehicles. Thirteen subway stations in the area around the national square will be closed.

In another unprecedented move, the National Park Service closed most of the national square, turning an important public gathering point into a largely uninhabited area.

Washington, January 17 (AP) – U.S. defense officials said they were worried about internal attacks or other threats by soldiers involved in the security of President elect Biden’s inauguration, prompting the FBI to screen all 25000 National Guard members who entered Washington to defend the inauguration.

According to the report, this large-scale task reflects the security concerns that have plagued Washington since Trump’s rioters launched a deadly riot in Congress on January 6. It also highlights concerns that some of the people assigned to protect the city in the coming days may pose a threat to the new president and other guests at the inauguration.

U.S. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told the associated press Sunday local time that officials are aware of the potential threat and remind commanders to pay attention to any problems in their troops as the inauguration ceremony approaches.

However, McCarthy and other military leaders said they had seen no sign of a threat so far, and officials said the screening had not documented any problems.

In addition, according to the German news agency, Washington, January 17, two aides of US President elect Biden promised that the inauguration ceremony on Wednesday local time would be safe despite security threats.

&”Our plan and expectation is that President elect Biden will be on the west side of the Capitol building with his hand on the Bible and his family around him. &”Spokesman Kate beddingfield told ABC on Sunday.

The report also said that Bedingfield said it was symbolic to hold an outdoor inauguration ceremony on the steps of the attacked building.

&”We are certainly worried about these threats. &”The incoming White House chief of staff, Ron & middot; Klein, told CNN. However, Klein said he was confident that the U.S. secret service and the military would “ensure the safety of the inauguration itself.”;.

Foreign media: the shadow of security shrouds the inauguration ceremony, Biden team firmly believes in the safety of the ceremony

Information picture: U.S. security forces on January 17 outside the Capitol ready.


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