Israel’s top general publicly warned the US of “very rare”

Reuters pointed out that the remarks sent a clear signal to the new US President Biden that the US side should be cautious in any diplomatic contact with Iran. According to the report, it is rare for the chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces to make such a comment on the foreign policy of the United States, and it is likely that it has been approved in advance by the Israeli government.

The “Israel times” referred to the statement of kohavi as “warning”. The report also said that due to the close relationship between the US and Israel armed forces and the fact that IDF officers generally do not participate in political debates, it is very rare for officers to criticize the league’s foreign policy;.

Kohavi said that from the perspective of action and strategy, it is a bad thing and a mistake to return to the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement or reach a revised version of the agreement. He accused Iran of violating its commitment after the US withdrew from the agreement and increasing its enriched uranium concentration and inventory, reflecting that Iran may eventually develop nuclear weapons rapidly. He said that the national defense forces have been instructed to prepare additional action plans to deal with Iran under the existing military plans, stressing that it will be up to the political leadership to decide whether to implement them, but there should be options on the table.

Relations between Israel and Iran have been tense for years. In August 2018, trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement. The move was widely opposed by the international community and welcomed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Before Biden became president of the United States, on January 20, Iranian President Rouhani called on Biden to call on the new US government to return to the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue and lift sanctions against Iran.

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