Foreign media: the leader of the American Society of riots was an excellent undercover agent of the FBI

“Proud boys”, a far right group, is regarded as the main instigator of the US Congress riots. Its leader is Henry thario, 36. On the 26th, Reuters revealed the special identity of tario, saying that after his arrest in 2012, he served as an undercover agent of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) and local police, assisted in the investigation of cases on many occasions, and made a great contribution;. Tario strongly denies this.

According to the report, according to the records of Miami federal court in 2014, federal prosecutors, FBI agents and tarrio defense lawyers all mentioned tarrio as an undercover agent in the case of tarrio being charged with fraud, and stressed that he assisted law enforcement agencies in prosecuting more than 10 people, including cases involving drugs, gambling and human trafficking, and requested the court to give lenient sentencing.

However, in an interview with Reuters, 36-year-old tario denied having been an undercover agent. He said: “I don’t know all about that. &”He also said that when he was involved in the fraud case, the original sentence was 30 months, but later he got a commutation sentence of only 16 months. But he said the court was lenient because defense lawyers helped to clarify some of the doubts.

Former federal prosecutor Johns, who was in charge of the tarrio case, confirmed to Reuters that tarrio had indeed cooperated with local and federal agencies to help prosecute criminals, including cracking down on marijuana growing houses in Miami and drug fraud cases.

Ferrer, who was a barrister for tario at that time, pointed out in court that tario worked as an undercover agent in many cases, including the investigation of trafficking in anabolic steroids, prescription painkillers and human smuggling cases.

Ferrer pointed out in court that tario was a “great contribution” informant who helped investigators break down three houses where marijuana was grown.

&”Proud boys” was founded in 2016 as an anti immigrant and all male group. At the first debate of the US presidential election, trump once said, “proud boy, please stand back and stand by.”;.

On January 6, the United States will be attacked by protestors, resulting in at least five deaths, and the “proud boy” is regarded as the main instigator of the riots. Two days before the incident, tario was arrested by the police on suspicion of illegal possession of weapons as soon as he arrived in Washington. Although tario himself did not participate in the parliamentary riots, at least five “proud boys” have been prosecuted by prosecutors.

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