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With the country: Pfizer two effective rate of 99.96%

Novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine developed by two Pfizer and Germany BioNTech company has reached two of the total effective rate of the human body, 29 British media reported. A total of 700 thousand people who had been vaccinated with two Pfizer / BioNTech new vaccine had only 300 (0.04%) infected with New Coronavirus, and only 16 patients needed to be admitted to hospital.

In Singapore, as of the 27th, more than 110000 people had received the first dose of Pfizer / biontech vaccine. The Bureau of Health Sciences has received 432 reports of adverse reactions. Among them, three vaccinees had severe allergic reactions and all of them had allergic history.

(daily mail, UK)

The effective rate of single dose vaccine of Johnson & Johnson is 66%

Johnson & Johnson released the data of phase III clinical trial on Friday, which showed that the overall effective rate of the new coronavirus vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson with only one shot was 66%. By region, the effective rate was 72% in the United States, 66% in Latin America, and 57% in South Africa. The company tested 44000 people in many countries.

In August last year, the U.S. Department of health reached an agreement with Janssen, a pharmaceutical subsidiary of J & J, to order 100 million doses of J & J vaccine for us $1 billion, with the right to subscribe for an additional 200 million doses.


Novax vaccine is not as good as mutant virus

Novavax released the third phase clinical trial of the new crown vaccine, which showed that the overall effective rate of the vaccine was over 89%, and the effective rate of the vaccine against the British variant virus was 86%. However, it failed to play a good protective role against the South African variant virus, and the effective rate was only 49%.

Stanley erck, chief executive of Novavax, said that the impact of the mutant virus on the efficiency of the vaccine was surprising, and the researchers decided to adjust the vaccine to target the South African mutant virus.

Novavax’s vaccine is a more traditional recombinant protein vaccine. It is also one of the six candidate vaccines in the US government’s vaccine R & D Program “warp speed action”, and has received US $1.75 billion in funding.

(New York Times, USA)

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