Increase strategic deterrence, US bombers deploy in Guam

Increase strategic deterrence, US bombers deploy in Guam

Photo: a U.S. b-52h bomber arrived at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam on the 26th. /Pictures on the Internet

[Ta Kung Pao] according to business insider and the official website of the US Pacific Air Force, the US Pacific Air Force said on the 29th that four b-52h bombers had returned to Guam for deployment. The U.S. military regards this as a strategic deterrent mission, claiming that it will strengthen the international order in the Indo Pacific region.

Four b-52h bombers, belonging to the 96th bombing squadron of Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, started from Barksdale air force base from 25th to 28th and flew to Anderson Air Force Base in Guam. One of the bombers, pepsi52, made a detour in the South China Sea. The military claimed that this was a strategic deterrent mission, deployed in the form of a bomber contingent. This will help us to work with our allies and train our fighters to provide flexible combat power wherever necessary.

In fact, in addition to the b-52h bombers, there are a large number of fighters in transit. According to ADS-B signal, the airports in the first island chain of the United States were busy on the 29th. Several U.S. bases sounded the alarm, and a large number of fighters took off one after another to Anderson air force base. At the same time, the U.S. aircraft carrier “Roosevelt” also sailed into the Asia Pacific waters to show off its power.

In addition, this year’s U.S. – Japan Australia joint military exercise on Guam will be held in February, when the abandoned northwest airport of Guam will be opened to improve the U.S. military’s ability to fight in severe locations. It is reported that F-35 and F-16 fighters will fly from Elson Air Force Base of the United States and mitsuwa airfield of Japan to northwest airport of Guam. At present, the airport only provides C-130 transport aircraft and helicopters for take-off and landing.

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