“Bull horn man” jailed for 28 years

Photo: on the day of the parliament riot on January 6, the & quot; bull horn man & quot; chansley was present. /Associated Press

[Ta Kung Pao] according to a comprehensive report by the Peng Bo news agency and the associated press, supporters of former US President trump stormed into Congress on January 6, and law enforcement officers have prosecuted more than 150 thugs. Jacob chansley, wearing a bullhorn cap and naked upper body, was charged with six federal charges and sentenced to 28 years in prison. His lawyer said that the client was cheated by trump and was willing to attend the Senate impeachment trial to testify against trump for sedition.

Chansley, who was formerly known as Angeli, is a supporter of the conspiracy theory group “anonymous Q & rdquo; (qanon). On September 29, he was brought to the federal court in Washington, DC, but refused to plead guilty. Qiansley confessed to the FBI that he broke into congress at the request of trump, who wanted all patriots to come to Washington on January 6. At least four other rioters involved in the Congressional riots insisted they were following Trump’s instructions.

Mr. Watkins, a defense lawyer for Mr. qiansley, said that the client was very sorry that trump had cheated him into making a wrong decision. He continued to describe Trump’s “election fraud” conspiracy theory as “lies, distortions, terrible and exaggerated remarks.”;. Lawyers said on the 28th that the client’s request for amnesty from former president trump failed, making him feel betrayed. Chansley is willing to attend the impeachment hearing in the Senate next month to talk about his mental journey of being incited by trump to participate in the uprising.

In addition, the police found a tube bomb near the democratic and Republican headquarters during the Congressional riots. On Friday, the FBI released photos of suspects wearing light hooded coats, dark trousers and masks, and raised the reward to 100000 US dollars (about 780000 Hong Kong dollars) to appeal to the public for clues.

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