Feature / wall grass falling with the wind

Feature / wall grass falling with the wind

Photo: French President Marcon delivered a speech at the Elysee Palace on January 25. /Associated Press

In an interview with the guardian on Saturday, French President Marcon warned that the British government must decide whose ally it wants to be and should not be a half pregant. What kind of politics does Great Britain want to choose? It cannot be the best ally of the United States and the best ally of the European Union at the same time, but also Singapore on the Thames A choice has to be made. ”

British Prime Minister Johnson, a former foreign minister, pursues opportunism in foreign affairs. Now the British government is fighting on multiple fronts. No matter it is the relationship between Britain and Europe, Britain and the United States or between Britain and China, it has run into obstacles everywhere.

What makes 10 Downing Street most nervous is nothing more than Anglo American relations. Although the British government is hot, the trade negotiations with the Biden administration of the United States have been thrown cold water. Now the Democrats who control Congress have no interest in the Anglo American trade association, and Treasury Secretary Yellen even pointed out that no new free trade agreement will be signed in the near future.

It’s no secret that the new US President Biden doesn’t trust Johnson. He once described the “British trump” as a “physical and emotional clone” of former president trump;. As a descendant of Ireland, Biden thought brexit was a mistake. Last year, he criticized Britain directly for the possible impact of brexit on Northern Ireland. For the Democratic Party and liberal media in the United States, brexit, Trump’s “America first” and nativism come down in one continuous line. In the past four years, Johnson has repeatedly publicly praised trump, and has maintained close ties with bennon, the former national teacher of the United States.

In order to get back together with the Biden administration, the British are eager to talk to themselves. Biden recently removed the bust of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill from the Oval Office, causing criticism from all sides in the UK. But a spokesman for the prime minister’s office said the president of the United States can decorate his office at will. In 2016, when former US President Barack Obama & quot; please go & quot; Churchill, Johnson denounced the move in a newspaper column as & quot; a slight on Britain & quot;, and even attributed it to Obama’s Kenyan blood and his ancestral aversion to the British Empire. After four years, the great change of attitude of the British people is amazing.

The recent actions of the British government and the Ministry of foreign affairs in Huawei and Hong Kong, as well as the decision to increase the defense budget, are also to some extent trying to please the Democratic Party officials, who are quite critical of the EU’s “pro China” attitude. But after brexit, Britain has no natural ally in Washington, whether Republican or democratic.

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