If you can’t find a job under the epidemic, you will lose your job

If you can't find a job under the epidemic, you will lose your job

Chart: young people bear the brunt of rising unemployment in the UK. /Internet pictures

By the end of November 2020, the UK unemployment rate has risen to 5%, which means that more than 1.7 million people have lost their jobs, the highest level in more than four years, with young people and ethnic minorities bearing the brunt. London and other big cities, which Hong Kong people aspire to, are particularly not optimistic. London’s unemployment rate reached 6.5%, ranking first in the UK, with about 885000 people living on government assistance. If Hong Kong people believe in the British government, they are likely to fall into the dilemma of “unemployment as soon as they are out of work”.

Wilson pointed out that many of the so-called “highly educated talents” who intend to immigrate are engaged in business and financial industries in Hong Kong. However, these industries have suffered a severe blow in the post brexit Britain, and a large number of Chinese people have lost their jobs, let alone providing employment opportunities for immigrants. In the past, the service industry, which absorbed a large number of immigrants, was also affected by the epidemic and laid off a large number of employees. More than 1.3 million foreigners fled from the UK, and 700000 people left London alone, resulting in a sharp 8% drop in the population. Experts point out that foreign workers are more likely to lose their jobs than British natives, and it is difficult to survive in big cities after losing their jobs. They often have to leave, which is regarded as “population loss” rather than unemployment. If you include them, the UK unemployment figures are even scarier.

In recent years, the voice of anti foreign and anti immigration is rising in Britain. Many people accuse immigrants of seizing their social resources. Nowadays, with the high unemployment rate caused by the epidemic, immigrants are the “invaders” who come to grab jobs in their eyes. I’m afraid they won’t get any good looks.

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