First cluster infection of mutant virus in Japan

Three employees of a company in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, have been infected with a mutated new coronavirus from the UK, Japanese media reported Wednesday. Seven people in the company have been diagnosed. The Ministry of health, health and labor said it was the first collective infection in Japan caused by the mutated new coronavirus.

The Ministry of health, labor and welfare said four new confirmed cases were reported in Saitama County on the 30th, and the mutated virus from Britain is spreading in the county. Three of the four patients worked in the same company as those previously diagnosed with mutated new coronavirus. The company has seven patients infected with the mutant virus, the government is currently investigating the route of infection.

In addition, on the 30th, Tokyo also added a confirmed case of mutated virus. The 50 year old male patient has not been to the UK, but he is a close contact with another patient with the mutated virus. Up to now, there are 15 patients infected with the mutated virus in Japan who have neither been to the UK nor contacted with people who have been to the UK.

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