Dry eye can’t be cured. It’s too hurt to use it like this

Dry eye can’t be cured. It’s too hurt to use it like this

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Dry eye can't be cured. It's too hurt to use it like this

People who use electronic products for a long time are prone to dry eye disease

Article / Yangcheng Evening News Reporter Yu Yanhong correspondent Tian Naiwei

Do you feel dry in your eyes? Do you feel you can’t open your eyes when you get up in the morning? Or the feeling of sand rubbing in the eyes? Do you feel itchy and uncomfortable after long-time use of computer and mobile phone? Ophthalmologists warn that young people are quietly troubled by dry eye.

Dry eye has become a common disease in outpatient department

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, the whole person will become hot and dry, and people’s eyes are no exception.

Xiao Wu recently participated in military training. Due to the hot weather recently, sweat will flow into his eyes during the training, which makes him very uncomfortable. So he will rub his eyes with his hands. After a long time, Xiao Wu’s eyes begin to feel uncomfortable, and feel that there is always a layer of fog in his eyes, and there is a feeling of sand rubbing in his eyes. Went to the team doctor’s office to open some eye drops, the effect is not very obvious. So leave to the hospital eye examination, diagnosed as dry eye.

Xiang Hui, director of Ophthalmology at Guangdong Provincial Armed Police Corps Hospital, said that many patients come to the clinic and complain that their eyes are very dry, they can’t open their eyes when they get up in the morning, there is always a layer of fog in their eyes, and there is a feeling of sand rubbing inside their eyes. Especially after long-time use of computer and mobile phones, they feel itchy and uncomfortable, which is a typical symptom of dry eye. Now they are in the ophthalmology clinic Among them, dry eye has become the most common outpatient disease, accounting for 10% of all eye diseases.

People who use electronic products for a long time should pay attention to

Xiang Hui explained that dry eye, also known as keratoconjunctivitis xerophthalmia, refers to a variety of diseases with the characteristics of eye discomfort or ocular surface tissue lesions caused by abnormal tear quality or quantity or dynamics, resulting in decreased tear film stability. Common symptoms include dry eyes, fatigue, itching, foreign body sensation, burning sensation, sticky secretion, fear of wind, photophobia, and sensitivity to external stimulation; sometimes dry eyes, lack of basic tears, stimulate reflective tear secretion, resulting in frequent tears; more serious eyes will be red and swollen, hyperemia, keratinization, corneal epithelial skin breaking and filamentous adhesion, which is the main reason If the injury lasts for a long time, it can cause keratoconjunctival lesions and affect vision.

Xiang Hui said that although xerophthalmia rarely causes blindness and most of them are not serious, it plagues a large part of the population, reduces their quality of life, and the disease is not cured. Some patients with long-term dry eye may also be in a low mood, restless, repeatedly asked whether they will recover, and even some patients can’t stand the trouble of dry eye, quit their jobs and suffer from depression. Therefore, this is definitely a disease worthy of our attention. Experts remind that people who work with computers and mobile phones for a long time, blink less, live fast and work under great pressure need to be particularly vigilant.

Xerophthalmia is a chronic disease and can not be cured

Xiang Hui said that in terms of treatment, xerophthalmia, like diabetes and hypertension, is a chronic disease, which can not be cured, but with proper treatment, the symptoms can be completely controlled and alleviated. Of course, in addition to the correct treatment, patients also need to actively control from all aspects of life.

First, improve the quality of life.

For example: use humidifier in air-conditioned room; reduce the time of looking at mobile phone and computer as far as possible, control eye distance properly, blink more; regulate sleep, improve sleep quality, reduce staying up late; regulate mood, keep optimistic, relieve pressure, patients with depression tendency or mental disorder should improve mental state, etc.

Second, artificial tears supplement.

This treatment involves the classification of dry eye, because human tears are divided into three layers: water layer, mucin layer and lipid layer. Different types of dry eye lack different components, so the most appropriate artificial tears should be selected according to the situation.

Third, physical therapy.

It includes hot compress, cold compress, massage, fumigation of traditional Chinese medicine, eye patch, acupuncture and so on, especially acupuncture and moxibustion in the treatment of dry eye is a hot spot of current research, often do these treatments, promote local gland secretion, can effectively alleviate the symptoms of dry eye.

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Dry eye can't be cured. It's too hurt to use it like this

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