Summer eats ice to eat appendicitis? Listen to the experts

Summer eats ice to eat appendicitis? Listen to the experts Author: Fengxi Jianwen Yang

Jinyang network news reporter fengxixi correspondent Jian Wenyang reported: Recently, there are several young people around because of appendicitis in hospital, some people say it is because of eating ice drink caused appendicitis. However, eat ice drink can cause appendicitis really? The reporter interviewed Zhou Taicheng, deputy chief physician of gastrointestinal abdominal wall and hernia surgery of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University.

Appendicitis is the most common surgical acute abdomen, the most obvious symptom is pain. Zhou Taicheng said that at first, the pain of appendicitis and gastroenteritis are difficult to distinguish, but the pain of appendicitis will transfer to the right lower abdomen. There is a “gold standard” to judge appendicitis, which is the fixed tenderness of the right lower abdomen. Although the pain is metastatic, from the upper abdomen to the right lower abdomen, the tenderness at this point will always exist. However, it is difficult for ordinary people to judge, which can be judged by specialists. Therefore, the emergence of “indescribable” symptoms of abdominal pain to timely medical treatment, correct treatment.

The incidence rate of appendicitis is 2%-3%, which occurs at all ages, especially those with poor immunity and low immunity.

Zhou Taicheng said that eating ice drink is mainly related to gastroenteritis, which generally does not lead to appendicitis. About the treatment of appendicitis, Zhou Taicheng thinks that the first choice is surgery. “Now minimally invasive and traditional technology are very mature, the risk is relatively small, 3-5 days in hospital to restore exhaust and defecation can be discharged.”

Zhou Taicheng said that appendicitis has no special preventive measures. It is suggested to keep the stool unobstructed and eat less food that stimulates the intestines.

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