The hairline recedes, the hair becomes thinner, and “the most intelligent” is not far away from you

The hairline recedes, the hair becomes thinner, and “the most intelligent” is not far away from you by Zhang Hua, Jiang Jindou and Lin Huifang

By Zhang Hua, reporter of, correspondent Jiang Jindou, Lin Huifang,

“Extremely smart” is a humorous euphemism for baldness. There are some men in their 30s, the hairline moved back, less and less hair, until entering middle age, without exception, the “Mediterranean” hairstyle. Why hair loss, what can save the hair? Many men are anxious all day because of hair crisis. Experts believe that this kind of hair loss in men is related to excessive androgen in the scalp.

Hairline back, you have to be careful,

People often say “Mediterranean” hairstyle, called androgen alopecia in medicine. Hu Kui Kui, chief physician of the beauty Department of Guangdong maternal and child health hospital, said that in recent years, many men showed signs of hair loss in their 30s. This kind of alopecia begins with the forehead becoming higher, the hairline receding, and gradually develops into the M-shaped hairline of the forehead, and finally develops into the “Mediterranean”.

According to statistics, this type of hair loss occupies 95% of the hair loss type. The incidence rate of androgenic alopecia is nearly 20% in China. That is to say, one out of every five men is troubled by male pattern hair loss. The incidence rate increases with age. In recent years, the disease showed a trend of younger development. Men aged 20-40 are the main force of male alopecia, and the fastest development is around 30 years old.

Androgen transformed into “hair follicle killer”

Androgen alopecia, actually have certain heredity. If the father has this kind of trouble, the son is also very difficult to avoid. Hu Kui Kui told reporters that in recent years, studies have found that the scalp of androgen type alopecia patients contains a large amount of dihydrotestosterone (an androgen), which acts on the scalp hair follicles and causes the hair follicles to atrophy and degenerate.

Under the action of dihydrotestosterone, the patient’s hair is like a tree into a sapling, hair follicles are growing out of the Cui hair, that is, we often say sweat hair, it is easy to fall off, slowly less and less hair, it formed hair loss.

Androgen (testosterone) secreted by the male body can form a substance called “hair follicle killer” – dihydrotestosterone in the scalp through the action of 5A reductase. Because the sensitivity of androgen receptor in hair follicles of different parts of the scalp is different, and the genes of hair follicles on the forehead and the top of the head are more sensitive to dihydrotestosterone, hair loss usually begins in the forehead. After puberty, androgen turns into more dihydrotestosterone, which is more destructive to hair follicles, so the older the age, the more obvious the hair loss.

The treatment of alopecia needs a long-term fighting psychology

So, how can we say goodbye to this “Mediterranean” style hair loss trouble? Hu Kui Kui said that in the face of hair loss, some patients are very anxious and hope that the treatment can have an immediate effect, but this is unrealistic. Because the growth of hair has a cycle, the treatment certainly can not be so fast.

Generally speaking, there are three ways to help patients with hair loss.

(1) Oral drug

Finasteride is a commonly used oral drug for androgen alopecia. It can inhibit testosterone and reduce its conversion to dihydrotestosterone, which is a major cause of hair follicle damage. However, as the first-line treatment of androgen alopecia, it also has inevitable side effects. Some of the male patients who received finasteride treatment may have adverse reactions such as decreased libido, but they can recover after withdrawal. Hair or wife? This is the dilemma. It is precisely because of this side effect, many men are also difficult to adhere to the drug treatment.

(2) External application of drug wpap60302br

At present, minoxidil is widely used for external use in the world. Minoxidil can not only enhance skin blood flow, but also directly affect the growth of hair follicle cells, promote the proliferation and differentiation of hair follicle cells in culture medium, so it is also used to maintain the growth of hair cells. Because of the small side effects of this external medicine, it is safer than oral medicine, so the clinical acceptance rate is also higher.

(3) Hair transplant

At present, all the topical and oral drugs for hair loss need long-term application. Once the drug is stopped, the hair follicle will weaken and become soft again due to the effect of androgen. In order to solve the problem of alopecia once and for all, surgery is needed.

Hu Kui Kui introduced that at present, the highly accepted surgical method at home and abroad is hair follicle unit transplantation, which transplants the posterior occipital hair follicles one by one to the hair loss area. These transplanted occipital hair follicles can still retain their androgen insensitive receptor characteristics. Therefore, it will not be lost due to the development of alopecia after transplantation.

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