Repeated dizziness and tinnitus, the original killer is “it”

Repeated dizziness and tinnitus, the original killer is “it” Author: Chen Yingping Shen Zhong August 16, 2018

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Zhang Zhongde, vice president and professor of Guangdong Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine

Article / Yang Cheng Evening News reporter Chen Yingping correspondent Shen Zhong

Medical record: Ms. Li, 40 years old, has been dizzy repeatedly for more than two years,

Ms. Li, 40, began to feel dizzy after giving birth to her second child two years ago. When it was serious, she would feel dizzy. She went to see a doctor everywhere and did a lot of tests, but it was basically normal. Some doctors thought that cervical vertebra problems caused dizziness, and treated for a period of time, but the effect was average.

Recently, Ms. Li’s dizziness has become more serious. She also has tinnitus, palpitations, poor sleep, easy to wake up, no spirit, and poor appetite. Her menstruation is always delayed. Her menstruation is usually about 10 days. From time to time, hemorrhoids attack again. She has lost several circles and her face is getting worse and worse. I realized that Uncle De had a way to treat miscellaneous diseases, so I came to see Uncle De for treatment.

Uncle De’s solution to the puzzle: spleen deficiency comes first, but not enough effort leads to

Uncle De thinks Ms. Li is dizzy, and the problem lies in her heart. The food eaten by the human body needs to be converted into Qi and blood through the spleen and stomach. If the diet is not regular or improper (eating too much cold or spicy, fried or hot food), the spleen is easy to fall down, become weak and unable to produce enough Qi and blood, and spleen deficiency is easy to produce internal dampness. Dampness pathogen likes to hinder the normal operation of Qi and blood, so that Qi and blood can not reach the head On the other hand, after long-term overwork, the heart will be hurt, and the blood will not be enough to nourish the heart, so there will be palpitations, poor sleep, easy to wake up and other symptoms.

Speaking of emptiness, Ms. Li said that she had eaten a lot of donkey hide gelatin in the past year, but there was no relief. De Shu stressed that Ms. Li’s deficiency is caused by lack of Qi and blood, and can’t blindly supplement, because Ms. Li belongs to the group of “deficiency can’t be supplemented”, and may feel more and more uncomfortable. In terms of treatment, the first stage focuses on regulating the spleen and soil. Only when the soil is good can it be replenished, otherwise it will appear that the deficiency is not replenished. After nearly a month’s treatment, Ms. Li’s dizziness, tinnitus and other symptoms disappeared, and she gained 7 Jin in weight in the past six months.

Prevention and health care: pay attention to daily life, moxibustion, moxibustion Du Meridian

De Shu suggests that Ms. Li should arrange her work and rest reasonably at ordinary times, and try to have a rest early at night. She can also soak her feet with wormwood water before going to bed. It is not recommended to stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time. After busy work, she can go out and bask in the sun to absorb the natural sun. At the same time, she can protect the warmth of her neck, shoulder and back. She can carry a shawl or an air-conditioned shirt with her and rub her neck with her hands for 3-5 minutes If Yang Qi is well maintained, all diseases will not invade. At ordinary times, you can also moxibustion Du Meridian (back hairline to Yaoyangguan). The specific method is as follows: Ignite two moxa sticks, place them in two or three centimeters of the skin, roast them from top to bottom, about 15 minutes, two or three times a week, which can stimulate the Yang Qi of the human body. The governor vessel is on the midline of the back of the human body, which is the distance from the cervical spine to the tailbone, running through the governor vessel of Yang Qi. The ancients called it “the sea of Yang veins”.

Black chicken and longan stewed with Angelica sinensis

Materials: half black chicken (about 350g), 10g Astragalus, 30g longan (dry product), 5g angelica, two or three pieces of ginger, proper amount of refined salt.

Method: wash all the things, remove the internal organs of black chicken, cut it into small pieces, bring it to a boil, take out the cold water, drain the water for standby; put some oil in the pot, heat the oil over low heat, stir fry the chicken and ginger for several minutes, put it into the pot with Astragalus membranaceus, longan meat and Angelica sinensis, add appropriate amount of water about 1750 ml (about 7 bowls of water), boil it in a mild fire for 1.5 hours, and put it in the pot Seasoning with salt.

Efficacy: invigorate spleen, replenish qi and nourish blood.

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